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2016 & 2022 ADGA National Champions

and Best Udder

Thank you for visiting Araby Farm! Our farm is located in central NJ, surrounded by 2740 acres of the environmental showcase of the Duke Estate.

Our herd is CAE negative but the kids are still raised on a CAE prevention program on heat treated colostrum and pasteurized goat milk. We have a healthy, disease free herd. 

We have been on DHIR in the past with several Top Ten records. Our does are strong milk does, but currently the herd is not on test. We Appraise when time allows, so most of the does have LA scores. On our last LA session, our animals ranged from 88 to 91, showing the consistency we strive for.

We show at only a few shows each year. Our does have been very competitive the past several years with many Championships and Best In Show wins awarded. To date we have bred 35 permanent champion animals under the herd names of Araby and Little Araby. 

One of the challenges we faced this year, was the realization that we had to make our herd very small and manageable enough for us to take care of.  We struggled with the fact, but we did just that.  We want to thank all of the breeders that purchased Araby Farm Saanens and gave them good homes.  We know you will show them proudly. We will continue to maintain a small, competitive herd.  Our genetics have been a culmination of many years of good breeding , which makes purchasing an Araby Farm animal a win for you. We are going to offer kids as they become available or we can take a reservation. Please follow our reservation policy. 

We reserve the right to keep any kid born for replacement. We require a deposit of $100.00 to reserve a kid, with payment in full due 10 days after notice of availability. Orders are on a first come, first serve basis. If your first choice is not born and you do not wish to transfer your deposit to another selection, we will refund your deposit. No refunds on canceled orders. The buyer will pay the full cost of testing, health charts, and shipping costs. Kids will be shipped at one month of age. We would prefer the kids be picked up at the farm, but shipping from Newark Airport is possible. Please give us a call or email us for any further questions.

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2022 ADGA National Champion

and Best Udder


2016 ADGA National Champion

and Best Udder


2016 ADGA National Junior Champion




We always try to get to the National show when it is within a one day driving distance for us.  We made plans to attend the 2018 show in Columbus, but had to overcome some obstacles before we could go.  With the help of very good friends, we were able to get there. It was a great experience!  We made some new friends, got to visit with old friends, met the people from Venezuela that had purchased goats from us and our does and as usual made us so proud.  We brought a total of 12 doe, 8 milkers, half of our milking herd, and 4 dry yearlings, 3 of which placed in the top ten.  We had the first place Junior Get of Sire with Aspen Hill's Rain Beau.  Rain Beau now has a National Show 1st place Junior Get of Sire and a 1st place Senior Get of Sire.  Have we mentioned lately that he is a helluva buck!  At almost 9 years old, he looks amazing and is still settling does.  Of the eight milkers, we brought 2 two year olds, 2 three year olds, 2 four year olds and 2 five/six year olds.  In the 2 year old class, our does placed 6th and 14th. In the 3 year old class, our does placed 2nd and 4th.  In the 4 year old class, our does placed 2nd and 6th and in the five/six year old class our does placed 2nd and 4th.  We also had the first place dam and daughter. Our placings alone did not earn us the premier exhibitor/breeder honor.  In every class, there were Araby Farm does purchased by other breeders or does sired by Araby Farm bucks.  Thank you to all for having faith in Araby Farm Saanens.


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